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Are you a keen and loyal angler who fishes regularly and wants to join the ranks of one of the fastest growing tackle and bait companies in Europe?

Our Testimonial page certainly reflects the common thread of passion and belief behind the whole philosophy of what the Team stands for and, in essence, it is all about. These genuine statements will give you some clear insight into how our Team members feel about the team and their reasons for being part of this exciting journey that is only gaining traction as each day goes by.

Having been a keen angler for over 20 years, it’s safe to say during this time I have seen many statements made by companies saying we can do this and we can do that, but it was not until I came across an advert from Team Pallatrax that I discovered what a great set up and friendly group of anglers they are. The team cater for all different types of angler, and are always there to offer advice for any questions you may throw at them.

Their whole ethos and approach to fishing, after reading their articles, makes perfect sense. Their bait range is all natural giving you piece of mind that what you are offering the fish is the normal natural diet all found in the lake bed.

They have introduced the Stonze: not only do they blend in perfectly to the lake, by using these you are not leaving leads at the bottom of the lake.

They also have a great team behind the scenes, all of which are like-minded anglers always there to offer help and advice, and lastly there are the socials where we all get together on the bank to have a catch up and exchange views.

From what I have seen and read on Team Pallatrax, I believe they are the team who truly understand the angler and one I am proud to be part of.

Stuart Howe

I first thought about the environmental impact of lead last year when I was seeing a lot of anglers drop leads on every cast.

It got me thinking about what I am doing in my fishing life that is affecting the environment, which lead (pardon the pun) me through a lot of things including bait.

I knew some things were impossible to change, some items were just needed, but I found a few products and changed the way in which I tackled my fishing.

The first change was to stop using or cut as much lead out as I could, but how could I do this? Then it hit me, I’ll drill a stone, epoxy a swivel in and boom, almost zero lead. What about bait, well that was easy, just switch to freezer boilies, and up my usage of naturals.

Then it all changed, I happened across the team Pallatrax post on Facebook. I had a good look at the company, did some research and it turns out that a tackle company stole my idea about a stone weight, albeit they had been doing it for years before I invented it ;-).

Pallatrax is what I am about; their primary goal is fish welfare not profit.

Then there is the team. Most of us are the same, in as far as we all want to make a difference, but not all of us agree on everything, which is healthy, but we all respect each other, and we don’t get told off by Admin very often!

The support on hand is brilliant; you ask a question, you get an answer, which can stimulate healthy debate between members.

The team page is the best, ethos second to none, and the number of socials and get together that are planned is great.

We’re not here to sell you Pallatrax, but we will educate you when you don’t know the facts. The team is for us, and yes we get the odd competition, we get some great deals on fishing socials, but that is the work of the anglers in the team. We may be Team Pallatrax, but we are all individuals and have our own minds, we don’t preach – we teach, help and support. It’s a great community.

James Bown

When I saw the opportunity to join Pallatrax Team through the Facebook page I jumped at a chance to join. One of the reasons was the fact that this fishing company are trying to change the way we think about our fishing ways, e.g. reducing the leads going into our waterways from ponds, lakes rivers and canals. We as humans stopped using lead pipes for our water supply due to lead poisoning, surely we should be doing the same for our fish in these waters and for our future generation of anglers!!

Another of my reasons was the fact this team of like-minded fishermen and women are happy to catch fish big or small and from every aspect of fishing being piking, carp and cats to chub and barbel, rudd, roach and bream or whichever fishing floats your boat, and all are willing to share tactics and ideas to live feeds on Facebook to newcomers just starting out or like me 30 years fishing and still learning something every day. We’re at the other end of the spectrum compared to other teams where if you blank you blank and there’s encouragement from the team and not slating if you’re not catching enough or they’re not big enough.

Product wise I can’t fault it. I love using the stuff and thank you for having me aboard the team

Jason Marsh

Hello from Canada. My first exposure to Pallatrax was a gifted package of Gripz and the impact was immediate. I fish for large, wild Commons in fast moving water where the Gripz hooks provide great holds and impressive hook strength. I simply cannot recommend them enough, they are a true third option in the Barbed vs Barbless debate.

After joining the team, I have had many opportunities to watch and learn from great guys like Pom, Rich and others that openly share their extensive knowledge. Team Pallatrax is more than a team, it’s a community and I simply cannot recommend it enough.

Reid Breton

Team Pallatrax has helped to improve my fishing and since joining the team I have found myself changing the way I fish just from the small tips and tricks I have picked up along the way. It has given me more confidence in other methods of fishing, which truly has helped me catch more fish and be more productive on the bank.

I couldn’t recommend joining the team enough, the community is like no other: we help each other by giving recommendations and answering each other’s questions, which is a huge benefit.

Also having the fish-ins are a great way to meet each other and get out to explore other venues.

Connor Elderton

Team Pallatrax is a welcoming, friendly and educational group brought together through our love of angling, the beautiful creatures of our sport and our environment.

The Pallatrax brand hold all of these at heart from their environmentally friendly and highly reliable Stonze system, the fish friendly Gripz hooks and fish and fishery friendly all natural bait ranges.

Being a member of Team Pallatrax is highly rewarding in many ways and a great way to meet new anglers who share the same mentality in protecting the future of our sport, with many setting up charity events, fish-ins and many competitions through to just offering experience and advice to any who may need it.

The team really is a great place to be with many anglers who target all species. The knowledge shared really is second to none and there is no such thing as a silly question here.  I would highly recommend Team Pallatrax for all of these reasons and their environmentally friendly and natural ranges really will help you catch more fish.

Tim Faulkner

I joined Team Pallatrax about 4 months ago and since then I have seriously reviewed my approach to fishing. The main thing I have learnt from other members is that “less is more” in terms of end tackle setup. This has really taken me back to basics and simplified my fishing – saving me money as I’m not chasing the latest fashion in end tackle. The team has a very broad set of experiences with members from all types of fishing, and everyone is very open in sharing ideas and experiences.

Dave Bennion

I’ve been a team member of Pallatrax for almost 5 months now and I can honestly say I have joined a great team.

I first came across Pallatrax when looking for some new hooks and found the Gripz hooks on eBay. I’d never heard of them before, but after watching a video about them on YouTube and other products namely Stonze, I was very impressed.

When watching the YouTube video with Simon Pomeroy explaining the ethos behind Pallatrax as a company and their thought pattern behind all their products and baits, I was enlightened and my eyes were opened to a new way of thinking around the sorts of bait and end tackle I was using.

Up until this point I had never considered that by using lead weights I was polluting the lakes I fish and the environment and abundant forms of food sources that the carp I was fishing for needed to grow and sustain a healthy nutritional diet.

Even though I always put fish care above everything, I had never thought I was endangering the quarry of fish that I put so much time and effort in to catching for the love of the sport and the beauty of the carp itself.

Shortly after purchasing the Gripz hooks and Stonze, I came across a post on Facebook from Pallatrax giving the opportunity for people to apply to be team members and I applied straight away and I was over the moon when I was accepted to become a team member.

On joining I quickly realised that I’d made a great decision to become a team member with Pallatrax as the feeling you get from the group is fantastic. There are no egos within the group, everyone is willing to help and offer their support no matter what stage you are at in your angling adventure be it a novice just starting out or a experienced angler with a lot to share.

Not long after joining team Pallatrax I had a phone conversation with Simon Pomeroy the owner of Pallatrax for over an hour and I know a lot of other team members have done the same. Where else would an owner of a fishing company give his time to speak one-on-one with you for over an hour sharing his passion for the sport and the welfare of the environment and the fish we all love to fish for?

During this conversation I learnt so much, things I’d never even thought about because I’d be blinded by big companies selling the next best must have piece of tackle or wonder bait that you wouldn’t catch without it, that I forgot the basics of fishing and if I’m honest a lot of what Pom shared with me I’d never even thought about.

I’m not going to say I’ve caught a massive amount of carp since becoming a team member but I have caught one or two, but I did join at the start of a bad winter and I’m sure my numbers are going to rise throughout the year as the weather picks up.

What I can say is that every time I go fishing now I know I am putting the carp’s welfare first and the environment they rely on to live by not using lead weights and using baits that are made for the carp’s nutritional needs.

I am part of a fantastic team and have no regrets whatsoever in becoming a team member and could go on all day giving reasons why I would recommend Pallatrax to anyone but all I will say is try Pallatrax for yourself and if you don’t like what you hear, learn and the products on offer that included a squabs boilie range, naturals range, end tackle and much more you can always go back to what you know, but I’m sure once your eyes have been opened you will make Pallatrax your fishing family just as I have done.

Every day is a learning day with Pallatrax we are all equal from Pom to the new members and we put the fish’s welfare and their environment at the forefront of all our angling decisions. Tight lines to anyone reading this review and, hopefully, you will get to experience the feeling you get from team Pallatrax and have the opportunity to use the products on offer as I have.

Carl O’Brien

Well what can I say about you guys and Pallatrax? Well when you join you get a great welcome: everyone’s brilliant, the tackle is top quality, bait brilliant, the whole package at Pallatrax is by far the best. I would recommend Pallatrax to anyone – keep up the good work.

John Paul Halliday

I have been a fisherman for nearly 30 years. The first 20 was spent as a Sea Angler, enjoying leisure angling and competition fishing. I then turned my attention to fly fishing, became a Federation of Wales Angling Coach, helping to promote the sport and teaching fly casting. About 6 years ago I found Carp fishing, fell totally in love with it and left all other forms of angling in the dust. It’s fair to say, I have a fairly broad knowledge of all aspects of angling but don’t profess to be a master of any.

I stumbled upon Pallatrax quite by accident when reading an article on social media, about fish care and the future of Carp angling. The article spiked my interested so I began to dig a little deeper. To find out the ambitious goals of the company and where they saw the future of carping took me firstly by surprise, then the more I pondered, the more I read, the more “hooked” I was.

From baits that only 100% support the nutritional complexity required for fish welfare, to the development of a hook that’s neither barbed nor barbless but acts as both thanks to an ingenious hook design, to Stonze weights, real stones, no lead, no toxins and able to blend into its surrounding, helping to hook those wary carp, all seemed to instantly make sense.

The bait range, the Stonze weights and the Gripz hooks were enough by themselves to sell the Pallatrax ethos to me. The fact that I received the warmest welcome ever from all the guys on the team through the Facebook team page and found how together they all are in their vision, with no egos, and to see straight away the diversity in knowledge the members have and are instantly and eagerly ready to share all they know with fellow members, just blew me away.

From general chat to live webcasts complete with demos, to advise on how best to fish the Pallatrax products and other fishing techniques. The team, from its owner, management and regional organisers to the members, have formed something very special to be a part of.

I look forward to growing with this innovative company and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

This is why I chose to become a proud Pallatrax member!

Chris Chandler

I have just turned 60 and have been fishing for approximately 2 years, my old friend and youngest son got me into the sport. I only wish I had found the sport earlier on in my life.

I have fallen foul, I suppose, to all the media hype about this will catch you this and that will catch you this, etc., etc., etc. I have read everything fishing related on the internet, have bought several books and watched umpteen videos on the internet, and am still hungry for knowledge.

I have a love of nature and having seen an advert for the Stonze I thought to myself, what a great idea, so pursued the normal channels and found Pallatrax website. After reading the articles and watching the videos I have come to the conclusion that Pallatrax are right up my street, natural baits – yes! No lead – yes! A caring attitude towards the fish and the abundant wildlife that surrounds the lakes I want to fish on. I have not felt intimidated and I fully understand what Pallatrax are trying to achieve, and this in itself means an awful lot to a newcomer to the sport, and I actually feel I am moving forward with my fishing now. My youngest son, is also being swayed over to Pallatrax way of thinking, and I think he is seriously ordering stuff behind my back as we do have a sense of competitiveness when we are on the bank together, all being good though.

I am really looking forward to this year’s fishing escapades and thanks to Pallatrax and the team members I have spoken with recently, I am sure my years fishing is going to be enhanced greatly by their products.

At last I am beginning to feel confident about the way I “should” be fishing and can’t wait to get on the bank with my Pallatrax products.

Thanks to all the team members and Staff who have made my journey even more enjoyable.

Dave Rastall

After rekindling my love of fishing after 12 years off (kids and work) I started watching the usual fishing programs and trailing though Facebook looking for tips and tactics that I had missed while out of the game. While looking through Facebook, I stumbled across the Pallatrax page and liked what I saw with regards to fish care and the passion they have for the fish safety and the environment, I filled out the application form to join the team and was accepted, I can now say I’m a proud member of a remarkable team of like-minded anglers regardless of experience and age.

Nick Palmer

I first heard about Pallatrax when I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across the Stonze. I thought to myself what a fantastic idea because it takes the toxic situation away that you have with leads in the water. So, I clicked on the ad and I came across an ad to join team Pallatrax. I have always wanted to be part of a team/company and thought to myself what better company than this. I applied and got accepted.

On looking through the team page the ethos behind the team is out of this world. What a friendly bunch. They are my second family now. They are a likeminded community of fishermen/women that has the ethos and safety of the fish first. I am now a Regional Organiser for team Pallatrax, as well as a team member and absolutely love it.

The bait range is out of this world as they sell dehydrated snails and water mussels, dried naturals of daphnia, fly lava, gammarus shrimp, maggots, just to mention a few, they also come in powder form as well, along with glugs which are the thickest that I have ever seen, also liquids but above all the Stonze which I have got permanently soaking in the liquids they sell. The Stonze is also used as a method feeder, as I wrap the method mix around it with all the naturals mixed in.

Looking from a fish’s point of view, what would you prefer? A man-made boilie or something natural that the fish already feed on in the lakes.

The ever-brilliant invention of the Gripz hooks, neither barbed nor barbless (again the company thinking about the safety of the fish).

I would recommend to anyone about joining the team, I certainly haven’t looked back since joining (my catch rate has rocketed since using Pallatrax baits), and I bet you won’t look back either. Also, as a member you are entitled to discount as well, but that is not the reason why I joined. As I said earlier, the fish’s safety and wellbeing, the ethos behind the company and a community of likeminded fishing companions I am proud to call my family.

Dale Hunter

I’ve been using Pallatrax products for just six months and must say I’m totally overwhelmed with all the products I’ve used. Here’s the list of what I’ve used and how I would rate them:

Firstly let’s talk about the Stonze: forget the lead get on the Stonze. I’m casting a 42g Stonze 31 wraps accurately, but this is just the start. The Stonze can be used plain, flavoured, wrapped in pellets like a method feeder, blend into almost every waterway’s bed (how many places have you seen with no stones).

Secondly, Gripz hooks: truly the third type of hook (barbed, barbless and now Gripz). The hook hold is fantastic: no hook slip like with a barbless, easy to remove like a barbless, sticky sharp out the packet every time and yet to have to sharpen one. 18 carp in one day session to 18lb and the Gripz was still sticky sharp – so impressive I don’t use any other type of hook, whether it’s for catfish or F1 or chub or barbell. All I use are Gripz.

Gamma line: diameter to breaking strain is impressive. Truly no other line like it on the market due to the manufacturing process, abrasion resistance is fantastic, knot strength is undeniable.

Now let’s talk bait. Squabs: I’ve used Meat Beast, Jungle, Crave and Multiworm and caught on them all, but the Hidra natural range are again something very special catching old wily carp that shy away from boilies, the fish get caught on Hidra mussel  and brown snail.  Can you tell I like the Pallatrax products? But the even more impressive thing about Pallatrax is the ethics of the owner who will talk to anyone with such passion he’s like a breath of FRESH AIR.

James Walters

Since joining Pallatrax my outlook on fishing in general has been refreshed. This is due to like-minded individuals who now refuse to follow the high street brands anymore and now use innovative and environmentally safe products that do not have harmful effects on the water that our beloved quarry lives in.

Also it’s like having an encyclopaedia in fishing at our fingertips where people from various forms of our sport can offer good constructive advice where it’s needed.

Pallatrax is the way forward for me.

Martin Lenaghan

Pallatrax, a fishing company with a difference. Not driven by corporate greed, not seeking to brainwash the innocent angler with the latest fads, not populated by so-called superstars whose egos are twice as big as the largest fish that swims, not selling dubious quality foodstuffs that may or may not be environmentally sound.

So what is Pallatrax all about? Genuine care and passion for the sport of angling and the fragile ecosystem in which we are lucky enough to intrude upon as anglers. Truly innovative developments in terms of both tackle and bait, which crucially are geared towards increasing the anglers chances of success, and not by damaging the environment in the process. The Stonze system highlights this ethos perfectly, along with the natural Hidra bait range.

If this was not reason enough to convert to Pallatrax, the people involved are a massive reason behind the innovation, education and ultimate success. Every angler within the Pallatrax team shares the same values, angling ability is no restriction to membership, and no species specific cliques exist.

In a nutshell, Pallatrax does what it says on the tin – Catch More Fish – but in a way that is completely refreshing. A revolution is indeed coming, and with Pallatrax at the forefront, the future of the great sport of angling has a brighter outlook. Congratulations to Simon Pomeroy and his team for taking the brave stance to buck the slavish trends and to open people’s eyes to the real angling world.

Will Fensom

I joined the Pallatrax team because I used their bait many years ago with great success along with the Stonze weights, which are a great natural product and a great alternative to one of the most toxic metals we all use in our fantastic sport (Lead). Pallatrax are making a stand for the future of our sport and that is something I want to be a part of. If we all stand together we will make a change for the better, and I believe this is the company to do this and the great team that is involved.

Chris Johnson

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